Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Trial Testing

A gas transmission and distribution company was interested in evaluating the application of LNG to support their operations, but the technology was new to their organization and required further investigations. LNG operates at cryogenic temperatures and comes with unique storage and transportation constraints as well as challenges integrating into high pressure transmission and distribution systems over 100 PSIg. The client wanted to use the technology for outage management, peak shaving and servicing remote customers where the economics did not support servicing the site with new distribution infrastructure.

Midgard was hired to develop the testing and commissioning plans and to oversee the implementation of those plans. The key part of the plans was to ensure that robust data was captured across a wide operating range so that future applications could be analyzed against the baseline data that was collected. Approximately 10 multi day tests were developed to gather data across a broad spectrum of operating conditions. Testing was conducted but the scope was significantly reduced from the original testing plan due to financial constraints.

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