Nichole is a change management consultant with Midgard. She brings a strong background in Psychology that allows her to be effective at managing the people side of organizational change. She has a Master’s degree in psychology and is certified in PROSCI’s change management methodology (ADKAR). Nichole has spent many years mentoring and leading people in a variety of industries. She is committed to and excited about helping people improve their lives at work and at home. In fact, much of her academic research has focused on improving the lives of individuals within organizations, particularly within small- to mid-sized enterprises. She is also committed to diversity in the workplace and is an active participant at many Indigenous teachings and events.

Nichole was born and raised in Manitoba and moved to Saskatchewan at the end of 2004. She continues to visit Manitoba frequently, where she spends time with family and friends, but Saskatchewan is her home now. Nichole loves the outdoors and her two Labrador retrievers. She can often be found walking her dogs, gardening, or planning her next big adventure. Nichole has spent much of her life volunteering with a variety of community organizations including crisis hotlines, women’s centres, and educational organizations.